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Welcome to Exploring Malaysia!

To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia. This website is created to provide you inspiration and ideas of where to explore in this beautiful, wonderful country, by showing you all the sights state by state, city by city, sight by sight! You may also join in and share with all our members your own Malaysia travel shots at the Exploring Malaysia Facebook Group. To start your journey, choose from thumbnails the below.

Exploring the Federal Territories
Federal Territories
Exploring Johor
Exploring Kedah
Exploring Kelantan
Exploring Malacca
Exploring Negeri Sembilan
Negeri Sembilan
Exploring Pahang
Penang Travel Tips
Exploring Perak
Exploring Perlis
Exploring Sabah
Exploring Sarawak
Exploring Selangor
Exploring Terengganu

Hotel Room for your trip

Planning a trip to somewhere in Malaysia? On this website, there are articles to help you choose hotels. There are two types of articles here - the general articles covering hotel bookin in general, and articles about specific destinations.

General Articles

  1. Tips for booking hotel rooms online

Destination-Specific Articles

Penang, Malaysia
  1. Penang Hotels with Online Booking
  2. Which Penang hotel to choose
  3. Choosing a Batu Ferringhi beach hotel
  4. Hotels for business travellers to Penang

Hello and welcome to my website, Exploring Malaysia, yay!

My name is . I write this website, and continue to update it regularly, to share with you everything that I know about Malaysia. It is one of several travel websites that I write, among them Penang Travel Tips and Big World Out There.

Help me keep my pages updated. If you found errors, please do kindly let me know. For all correspondences, click here to contact me. Thank you for visiting, and have a great day!

I am very active online and interact closely with readers of Exploring Malaysia in the Exploring Malaysia Facebook Group. This is the place where members get to share the photos and travel tales of visiting the many interesting places in Malaysia. Come join this group. I would love to see you there!

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